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  1. Social Media Audit: Review all of your current social media platforms to ensure your profile “bios” are up to date with fresh content and your most recent, professional photo.
  2. Networking: Your influence is measured by your ability to build connections with people from communities different than your own. Connect with a new group online or make a plan to attend an event being hosted by an organization or group you are unfamiliar with. Find new groups on and via the search function on Facebook.
  3. Wellness: How do you deal with stress? Identify four ways that you currently cope with your daily personal and professional challenges. If you can’t name four, make it a priority to determine solutions for stress management and apply at least one of them daily.
  4. Pay It Forward: We all could use positive reinforcement every now and then. Select five individuals that you follow on social media and show them some love – retweet/share something they post or pay them a direct compliment
  5. Love Yourself First: What would help you reach some of your big goals and dreams? What do you need to be successful?
April 4, 2016

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