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How To Build A Successful Marketing Campaign In 10 Easy Steps

This past Monday I conducted my first #BrandItForward online marketing class. Now through October 2016, I’m hosting a free marketing & branding chat on the 2nd Monday of every month. I’m on a mission to give big. Why? Well it just feels really good but I also think that strategic giving, not just donations or events, is the next level of personal branding.

In this first class, we discussed how to build a successful marketing campaign. In super basic terms, a marketing campaign is basically a series of coordinated actions that typically include the promotion of a product or service across multiple mediums. I’ve been lucky to be a part of some very cool campaigns of every size. The one thing that I have discovered is that everyone could benefit from the value a good, targeted campaign.

If you’re ready to create a kick ass campaign to get the word out in a major way about your (fill in the blank) I have 10 easy steps get started:

1. What is your purpose?

If you don’t identify what the “why” is in what you’re doing, you’ll waste a lot of time and money. What’s the reason behind the project, business, brand or blog you’re promoting?

2. Goals

Goals are the steps needed to actualize your purpose. They keep us on track and keep our campaign moving forward. We all need a carrot to chase after. I would recommend selecting 2-3 goals you want your campaign to achieve.

3.  What does success look like to you?

I’ve worked on a bazillion projects with people and discovered over time that it is crucial to ask this question of everyone involved. It’s like if you and a good friend both stated you were hungry and you suggested going to a Chinese Buffet and he or she suggested grabbing a pack of peanuts. The two of you obviously had totally different definitions of what hungry was. And for the really hungry person that’s a problem lol.

4. Who’s on your team?

Good campaigns have a very set time to be completed in. You can’t jack around when you’ve got a deadline to meet and the wrong people on your campaign team can ruin everything and even worse, get on your nerves.

5. Timeline

Speaking of time, once you’ve identified what your goals are and you and your team have clarified what success means, it’s important to designate a targeted bank of time to accomplish those goals.

6. Who’s your audience?

Sometimes we think we know our audience but we may not actually. It’s important to be as specific as possible so that your campaign can be as targeted as possible

7. What’s the fastest and most direct way to get to your audience?

When I embark upon a new campaign, my goal is to make things happen. I like to think of a campaign as the ultimate tool in marketing war. It’s strategy on steroids. So everything has to be thoughtful and targeted. Once we identify who our audience is we now need to determine where we can find them. If you determine your audience to be Latina moms who love Oprah, you would then need to begin brainstorming where to find these ladies, both online and offline.

8. Your campaign tools

So we know who “our people” are and we’ve discovered where to find them. The next step would be to decide the tools that would assist us the most in meeting our goals. The usual suspects are email, events, social media and advertising. But the sky’s the limit on what you and your team come up with for your campaign.

9. Benchmarks

With so many moving parts, it’s important to establish performance benchmarks throughout the life of your campaign. Very similar to when you start a new exercise or healthy eating plan, it’s often recommended to keep a journal or have an accountability partner to keep you focused and on track. Your campaign needs this too. A good rule of thumb that I follow is that every 90 days I pause to reflect back on the previous three months to see what went well and what was a hot mess. I feel that three months gives you just enough time to see any patterns or issues and it’s still early enough to fix them.

10. Review the results

At the end of your campaign, it’s important to review the results. From start to finish and with your team. This more than likely won’t be your last campaign so this may be one of the most important steps as it totally sets the stage for all future campaigns to come.

I’m hosting my next free online marketing chat Monday November 9th at 7PM CST. We will be discussing how to create the ultimate brand story for your business, brand or blog. Need more info? Email me HERE.

January 5, 2016

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