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Does Your Brand Need A Makeover? Here Are 4 Red Flags

Just like with your hair or your wardrobe, it’s important to evaluate your personal and/or professional brand to determine if it’s time to switch things up a bit and undergo a makeover. Why? Well, who doesn’t like more money or new opportunities? But more importantly, it’s about going from good to great.

I’ve always defined the word “brand” as a person or company’s external identity; how people connect with you, but also how they perceive what you or your biz have to offer. A brand makeover could consist of a logo revamp, new headshot images or even tweaking your LinkedIn profile. It might even be something as simple as rewriting your elevator pitch.

The phrase “personal brand” has really picked up speed and popularty in the last couple of years, but the concept of “keeping it real” has been around for ages. And that’s really what it is about. Keeping it real for your colleagues or your clients. Or both.

Who you are is the business that you create…

Who you are determines the types of partnerships, opportunities and good vibes that you and your career or company attracts.

It’s important to not only be conscious of your brand, but to also be aware of when it’s time for a tuneup.

Here are 4 red flags to think about:

No increase or even worse, a decline in revenue or salary 

Ideally, as our careers or businesses advance, so should our benjamins. Hot brands are continuously growing and improving. Maybe not daily, but over time, you should see a steady financial improvement with whatever it is that you’re doing. If you’ve earned the same salary for an extended period of time or your business isn’t seeing new clients come in, it’s a sign to at least do a little evaluating. This can only be done ego free by the way.

Lack of new opportunities coming your way

When you own a hot brand, you possess the ability to not only create opportunities for others, but have them come your way as well. And these opportunities can take the shape of new ideas, connections, partnerships, revenue sources, you name it. Opportunities are more than just conversation and small talk I should add. I have a bazillion conversations. Only 2% at best actually materialize into something concrete. Opportunities are drawn to great brands like a moth to a flame.


If your brand is truly energized and being maximized to its fullest potential, there may be days when work sucks, but there will still be this underlying force of optimism, hope and faith in what you’re doing. There should be energy and fire towards your career or business. Do you dread what you’re doing? Is the thrill gone? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for a brand makeover STAT.

Just Because

As the seasons change, it’s important to go through and get rid of the items in your closet you no longer wear in order to make room for new things that are a better fit for where you are at that moment. I feel the same way about your brand. You should do a makeover every couple of years just because. Because we live in a fast-paced world.  And because social media demands that your brand remain current and relevant in order to stay in the game.

Ok so what does a brand makeover look like? Will it cost a lot of money? How much time will it take?

I’ll share my thoughts on this tomorrow. Same bat time. Same bat place.

January 5, 2016

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